Perceptual Evaluation and Analysis of Reverberation in Multitrack Music Production




De Man, Brecht
McNally, Kirk
Reiss, Joshua D.

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Journal of the Audio Engineering Society


Artificial reverberation is an important music production tool with a strong but poorly understood perceptual impact. A literature review of the relevant works concerned with the perception of musical reverberation is provided, and the use of artificial reverberation in multi source mixes is studied. The perceived amount of total artificial reverberation in a mixture is predicted using relative reverb loudness and early decay time, as extracted from the newly proposed Equivalent Impulse Response. Results indicate that both features have a significant impact on the perception of a mix and that they are closely related to the upper and lower bounds of desired amount of reverberation in a mixture.




De Man, B.; McNally, K.; & Reiss, J. D. (2017). Perceptual evaluation and analysis of reverberation in multitrack music production. Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, 65(1/2), 108-116.