Peer Editing in French Using Digital Tools: A Micro-Analysis of Learner-Computer Interactions




Caws, Catherine
Léger, Catherine
Perry, Bernadette

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Canadian Journal of Applied Linguistics


This paper describes a case study focused on the ways in which university-level learners of French as a second language collaborate during peer-editing sessions assisted by digital tools. The purpose of the study is to better understand users’ interactions with each other and with technologies at a micro level. Audio recordings and video screen captures of peer-editing sessions serve as a basis for our analysis of strategies deployed by 12 learners of French as a second language enrolled in an intensive intermediate grammar and writing course. Using a mixed-methods approach based on qualitative and quantitative data collected with five peer-editing groups, the study centres on processes in which participants engage to perform their tasks. The paper makes recommendations regarding task design and learners’ training for development of digital literacies.




Caws, C.; Léger, C.; & Perry, B. (2017). Peer editing in French using digital tools: A micro-analysis of learner-computer interactions. Canadian Journal of Applied Linguistics, 20(1), 77-97.