Evaluating the contribution of cooperative sector recycling to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions: an opportunity for recycling cooperatives in São Paulo to engage in the carbon credit market.




King, Megan Frances

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Greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced through recovery and recycling of resources from the municipal solid waste stream. In São Paulo, Brazil, recycling cooperatives play a crucial role in providing recycling services including collection, separation, cleaning, stocking and collective sale of recyclable resources. The present research attempts to measure the greenhouse gas emission reductions achieved by the Cooperpires recycling cooperative, as well as highlight its socio-economic benefits. Methods include participant observation, structured interview, a questionnaire, and greenhouse gas accounting of recycling using a Clean Development Mechanism methodology. The results afford an exploration of the opportunity for Cooperpires and other similar recycling cooperatives to participate in the carbon credit market.



recycling, municipal solid waste management, greenhouse gas accounting, carbon credits, Clean Development Mechanism, cooperatives, social economy, informal economy, Brazil, São Paulo