Practical Recolonisation?




Borrows, John

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University of New South Wales Law Journal


The colonisation of Australia can be considered a practical matter and the redistribution of land and political power away from Indigenous peoples and towards others has produced many benefits for the majority of people in the country. The security of non-Indigenous tenure and access to resources has allowed for great financial investment and socio-economic development around the continent. But despite all its seeming practicality, colonisation contains a fatal flaw. It does not provide as many benefits for those who have been colonised. Colonised peoples often suffer a loss of land, restricted access to resources, diminished decision-making authority, and impediments to individual autonomy, while those initiating colonisation enjoy increased land-holdings, preferential resource rights, broad governance powers, and greater individual freedoms.



Reconciliation, Land tenure, Indigenous peoples, Land reform, Australia, Colonization, Colonial Influence


Borrows, John (2005). "Practical Recolonisation?" University of New South Wales Law Journal, 28(3), 614-645.