Design of a thorium metal target for 225Ac production at TRIUMF




Robertson, Andrew K. H.
Lobbezoo, Andrew
Moskven, Louis
Schaffer, Paul
Hoehr, Cornelia

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With recent impressive clinical results of targeted alpha therapy using 225Ac, significant effort has been directed towards providing a reliable and sufficient supply of 225Ac to enable widespread using of 225Ac-radiopharmaceuticals. TRIUMF has begun production of 225Ac via spallation of thorium metal with 480 MeV protons. As part of this program, a new 225Ac-production target system capable of withstanding the power deposited by the proton beam was designed and its performance simulated over a range of potential operating parameters. Special attention was given to heat transfer and stresses within the target components. The target was successfully tested in two irradiations with a 72–73 μA proton beam for a duration of 36.5 h. The decay corrected activity at end of irradiation (average ± standard deviation) was (524 ± 21) MBq (14.2 mCi) and (86 ± 13) MBq (2.3 mCi) for 225Ac and 225Ra, respectively. These correspond to saturation yields of 72.5 MBq/μA for 225Ac and 17.6 MBq/μA for 225Ra. Longer irradiations and production scale-up are planned in the future.



actinium-225, thorium, spallation, proton target, ANSYS, targeted alpha therapy


Robertson, A. K. H., Lobbezoo, A., Moskven, L., Schaeffer, P., & Hoehr, C. (2019). “Design of a thorium metal target for 225Ac production at TRIUMF.” Instruments, 3(1), 18.