Teaching from a Place of Hope in Indigenous Education




Chew, Kari A. B.
Anthony-Stevens, Vanessa

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Anthropology News


The Council on Anthropology and Education’s Standing Committee on Indigenous Education has had a presence at the Annual Meetings of the American Anthropology Association over the past decade. The CAE Indigenous Education Standing Committee #7 is dedicated to the exploration of anthropology of education from an Indigenous perspective. Member activities focus on engaging in theoretical and methodological discussions central to the field of Indigenous education, particularly those related to power differentials, knowledge, identity, schooling, agency and appropriation, and persistence. Committee #7 is committed to understanding the experiences, perspectives, and epistemological frameworks of Indigenous peoples through their own words, and works to privilege Indigenous scholarship and collaborative research in the anthropology of education. The following article shares key highlights from a session at last year’s American Anthropological Association Meetings that was sponsored by the Standing Committee on Indigenous Education.




Chew, K.A.B. & Anthony-Stevens (2017). Teaching from a Place of Hope in Indigenous Education. Anthropology News, 58(2), e265-e269. https://doi.org/10.1111/AN.383