Integrating 3D Design and Printing with Core Subjects: A Collection of Resources and Tutorials




Howlett, Clayton F

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This project examined the best advantages and considerations in integrating 3D design and printing content into generalist educator practices. Previous literature demonstrated that 3D design and print in education could result in beneficial learning for students, but obstacles existed in how to train educators in using the technology, as well as how to seamlessly integrate the technology with cotemporary curriculum delivery. This project offered a resource of various units which educators could teach to engage in 3D design and printing with their students without sacrificing the learning of traditional core subjects and proposed a shift from teaching 3D design and print to students as a stand-alone topic to using 3D design and printing as a supplementary tool to be used to weave curriculum. The resource is published as a webpage, found at



edtech, ADST, 3D printing, Educational Technology, 3D Design, ed-tech, ed tech, Three dimensional printing, Computer Assisted Design, Middle School