Facilitating Online Learning with the 5R's: Embedding Indigenous Pedagogy into the Online Space




Lake, Joanna
Atkins, Hayley

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This project is a collection of resources for educators and instructors within the K-12 and post-secondary systems to support the adoption of Indigenous-created frameworks in online learning environments. The discovery phase in chapter one outlines our exploration of merging two seemingly disconnected perspectives and how our own life experiences and educational background gave rise to this project. The literature review in chapter two uncovers the concepts of Indigenous Knowledge and educational technology and creates connections between the two fields, while identifying gaps in the research and the work that needs to be done. The 5R’s of Indigenous pedagogy are relationship, respect, relevance, responsibility, and reciprocity. These 5R’s serve as important reminders for course designers in K-12 and post-secondary educators and benefit all learners. Our resources and reflections address how the 5R’s can be used as best practice to enrich online teaching platforms and remote learning. The positive effect of reciprocal communication, relationship building, and embracing Indigenous-created frameworks in online learning environments extends out into the community and beyond.



Digital, Indigneous, Education, Online Learning, Facilitation