Symbolic and geometric representations of unimodular Pisot substitutions




Wieler, Susana

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We review the construction of three Smale spaces associated to a unimodular Pisot substitution on d letters: a subshift of finite type (SFT), a substitution tiling space, and a hyperbolic toral automorphism on the Euclidean d-torus. By considering an SFT whose elements are biinfinite, rather than infinite, paths in the graph associated to the substitution, we modify a well-known map to obtain a factor map between our SFT and the hyperbolic toral automorphism on the d-torus given by the incidence matrix of the substitution. We prove that if the tiling substitution forces its border, then this factor map is the composition of an s-resolving factor map from the SFT to a one-dimensional substitution tiling space and a u-resolving factor map from the tiling space to the d-torus.



substitutions, dynamical systems, tilings, Smale spaces, Pisot, hyperbolic toral automorphism, subshift of finite type