Smart bioinks for the printing of human tissue models




Maan, Zeina
Masri, Nadia Z.
Willerth, Stephanie M.

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3D bioprinting has tremendous potential to revolutionize the field of regenerative medicine by automating the process of tissue engineering. A significant number of new and advanced bioprinting technologies have been developed in recent years, enabling the generation of increasingly accurate models of human tissues both in the healthy and diseased state. Accordingly, this technology has generated a demand for smart bioinks that can enable the rapid and efficient generation of human bioprinted tissues that accurately recapitulate the properties of the same tissue found in vivo. Here, we define smart bioinks as those that provide controlled release of factors in response to stimuli or combine multiple materials to yield novel properties for the bioprinting of human tissues. This perspective piece reviews the existing literature and examines the potential for the incorporation of micro and nanotechnologies into bioinks to enhance their properties. It also discusses avenues for future work in this cutting-edge field.



3D bioprinting, biomaterials, small molecules, controlled release, drug delivery, stem cells


Maan, Z., Masri, N., & Willerth, S. (2022). “Smart bioinks for the printing of human tissue models.” Biomolecules, 12(1), 141.