Mass spectrometric characterization of oligomeric phosphaalkenes




Gillon, Bronwyn H.
Gates, Derek P.
Henderson, Matthew A.
Janusson, Eric
McIndoe, J. Scott

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Canadian Journal of Chemistry


Oligomeric phosphalkenes are readily characterized using electrospray ionization mass spectrometry (ESI-MS). The high affinity of phosphines for silver ions permits the detection of the unadulterated polymer as [M + xAg]x+ ions (x = 2-3). When the oligomers are oxidized using H2O2, the resulting phosphine oxide polymer may be treated with sodium ions to produce [M + xNa]x+ ions (x = 2-3). Both methods predict a similar distribution of oligomers: Mn values of 3450±100 Da and a PDI of 1.09±0.01 cover both analyses. This distribution represents oligomers of the general formula Me(PMesCPh2)nH from n = 4-20 and maximizing at ~n = 10.



mass spectrometry, phosphorus, polymer, electrospray ionization, oligomers


Gillon, B. H., Gates, D. P., Henderson, M. A., Janusson, E., & McIndoe, J. S. (2017). Mass spectrometric characterization of oligomeric phosphaalkenes. Canadian Journal of Chemistry, 95(3), 239-242.