Effet de l’implémentation d'Explorez, jeu basé sur la quête et la réalité augmentée, sur la motivation d’apprenants de français langue seconde (FL2): une étude de cas




Perry, Bernadette

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This research explores gamification as a means to motivate and engage second-language learners. Gamification uses game-based mechanics, and game thinking to engage people, motivate action, and promote learning. We investigate the limits and advantages of quest-based learning and augmented reality to assess the potential of a new mobile learning tool Explorez. In order to bridge the gap between gaming and education, Explorez was created for first-year university French students at the University of Victoria, BC. Using GPS, Explorez transforms the campus into a virtual francophone world, where students interact with characters, items, and media as they improve their French language skills and discover their campus.



Second language acquisition, French as a second language (FL2), gamification, augmented reality, quest-based learning, ARIS, mobile learning