Implementing a Social Knowledge Creation Environment




Hiebert, Matthew
Siemens, Raymond
Bowen, William R.

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Scholarly and Research Communication


“Social knowledge creation,” an emergent area of research interest for digital humanists, promotes experimental critical interventions into more traditional knowledge production processes. The Electronic Textual Cultures Lab at the University of Victoria with Iter: Gateway to the Middle Ages and Renaissance (University of Toronto Scarborough) have iteratively prototyped a Web-based platform for social knowledge creation called Iter Community. This article discusses the platform’s implementation as a critical intervention in scholarly production and publication, specifically how it provides new opportunities for research and serves as a model to allow for greater involvement of scholars and the public in knowledge creation.



Digital humanities, Social knowledge creation, Social media, Community of practice, Knowledge representation, Infrastructure, Prototyping


Hiebert, Matthew, Bowen, William R., & Siemens, Raymond. (2015). Implementing a Social Knowledge Creation Environment. Scholarly and Research Communication, 6(3): 0302223, 9 pp.