Enacting Change: A Study of the Implementation of e-Readers and an Online Library in two Canadian High School Classrooms




Patterson, Serina
Stokes-Bennett, Devon
Siemens, Ray
Nahachewsky, James

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Liber Quarterly


In this paper the authors discuss their interdisciplinary pilot project entitled ‘Teaching for the 21st Century: A Pilot Project on E-Reading with SD62’ that engaged in the development and implementation of a customized and purpose-specific online library for two selected high school classrooms at a time when such systems did not exist for this purpose. This project combined (1) information literacy issues, (2) pedagogy and e-pedagogy, and (3) computational modeling activities founded on a productive confluence of these perspectives all situated at the intersection of pertinent theories and practices pertaining to each. The result of the research project was a functional online library environment that worked in the classrooms to support born-digital students' engagement with e-readers and findings of the way in which these both worked in the context of multiliteracies classrooms.



online library, e-readers, born-digital students, multiliteracies


Patterson, S., Stokes-Bennett, D., Siemens, R., & Nahachewsky, J. (2010). Enacting change: A study of the implementation of e-readers and an online library in two Canadian high school classrooms. Liber Quarterly, 20(1), 66-79.